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About us

Baiocco S.r.l., more commonly known as BAYO, which is the reference trademark with which the company distribute its products, has been
founded in Sesto San Giovanni in 1946 by Commendator Aurelio Baiocco.

At the end of World War II the company approached the productive landscape of Italian economy, that has been weakened by two world
wars and was ready to rebuild and give stability to our industry in perfect Italian style.

After nearly thirty years of activity in the first production site, pushed by the need for more space and technology, Baiocco moved in the new location in via Rossini 50, still in Sesto San Giovanni

In early eighties within the company took place the handover of Executive powers from father to son.

Dr. Rinaldo Baiocco, after several years of experience as a manger in several major food companies and relying on his degree in technical and scientific disciplines, stood on the top of the company supported by a technical and administrative staff.

In 1995 Dr. Gianfranco Bergamaschi joined the company.

In 2007 were acquired clients and knowhow of Mondobianco company, which was specialized in commercializing flavors and baking semi-finished products.

July 1, 2008 was acquired company branch of Chimival S.r.l., historic company founded in 1946 which produced flavors, essences, colors and semi-manifactured products for ice cream.

In March 2010 Baiocco moved into the new productive site in Concorezzo, via 1° Maggio 81 (MB). This new structure was built with high safety standards and using innovative materials for energy saving.

The area of almost 3000 square meters + external courtyards with 500 square meters of office, is equipped with an R&D laboratory, CQ laboratory, employees dining area, spacious fully air-conditioned production department with air recycling and a wide storage and shipping warehouses.

Actually Baiocco turns out to be one of the few food flavours companies that produce in Italy and is entirely Italian-owned, without any participation or influence of foreign capital.


Baiocco S.r.l. produces flavours, extracts, essences and colors for every application in food industry, and from the eighties it also has an ice-cream division that produce fat paste, fruit paste, toppings and powder
bases for ice cream.

The Baiocco products target clients are food industries, especially confectionery.

Product distribution is organized with direct shipping from production site for large industries, otherwise small and medium users are reached by the extensive network of distributors throughout the country and Europe of which Baiocco is equipped.

The facility employs 15 workers.

From 2000 Baiocco got a certified management system under the standard ISO 9001, nowaday in the version 2015.

From 2018 Baiocco equipped his structure with an integrated manual ISO 9001-HACCP, to manage the structure and in the meantime the self-control system.

On request it is possible to provide Kosher and Halal certificates of flavors products since the company works in partnership with Eurokosher and Halal Italia companies.

Baiocco works with six different trademarks (BAYO, BAYOGEL, CHIMIVAL, ITALIAN FLAVORS, EXTRAROM, GÖTTER BLÜTE), and also on behalf of a third party, starting from production to the packaging of the finished product.

In 2022, Baiocco was awarded the food security certificate FSSC 22000.


Thanks to its constant upgrade, its continuous scientific research and the support offered by the new technologies, Baiocco is able to provide and certify high level standard quality products.

The entire production cycle, starting from the entrance of raw materials to the delivery of finished product is subjected to strict and meticulous control process fully documented.

Baiocco offers its know-how and expertise to study and test new flavors for all specific request from the most diverse applications. Its strength is the production starting from raw materials and not from manufactured products, so it can assure its clients the maximum flexibility in customize the recipes.

Collaboration between producers and users provided, during the long
Baiocco’ history, the achievement of very satisfactory results for both

The flexible structure and a management always careful to IT evolution
allows Baiocco to carry out orders throughout the country territory within 48-72 hours from receipt of order.

The latter is not to be underestimated, primarily to meet the needs of
production that sometimes has unpredictable peaks, secondary is essential in relation to new management policy trends in inventories, now oriented at a minimum time of raw materials storing.